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Wastewater treatment: Summary of requierements of wastewater treatment in cleaning of storefronts. (Size: 308 kB)             

Biodegradability: Dry facade cleaning requires environmental arrangements and measures of personal security. This scientific paper 

ought to support you in judging of cleaning agents. (Size: 184 kB)

Plant cover of moss and algae: Microbiological contamination of mineral substratum (predominantly plant cover of moss and algae) 

is enduringly harmful to lots of materials. Remedy is badly necessary. (Size: 480 kB)

Salts: Salts that entail damage to buildings are dangerous for every masonry. Conditioning of  this kind of buildings is a job for professionals. 

Gladly we will advise you and tell you professionals that are able to find a remedy. (Size: 316 kB)

Cleaning of storefronts: A comparative summary of different technologies of cleaning for professionals. The choice between mechanical 

and dry cleaning ought to follow condition of the surface, jointing and kind of contamination. Here it is primarily important to consider the kind

of  destruction of the surface. (Size: 124 kB)




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